Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Android Support Contract

The Android version of WhirlyGlobe-Maply is coming along really well.  So well that we're ready to introduce a support contract.

Support is a tricky proposition.  Like any product, we're betting we'll bring in more than it costs to make.  In this case, that means the cost of fixing bugs.

How Does Support Work?

It's pretty basic.  You ask questions and we answer them.  You find bugs and we fix them.  Oh and you pay money.  That's important.

We've had the iOS support program going for more than a year now and I like it!  It's helped move a number of projects forward.  Users feel free to ask deep questions, get stuck less, and we get a sense of what's hard and what's not.  Oh, and we spend some of that money on boring features.

You can communicate with us via Slack or Github Issues or just email directly if you're being all stealthy.

Shut Up and Take My Money

Android support for WhirlyGlobe-Maply is $1200 (USD) per year.  For comparison, iOS support is $850.  Yeah, Android is more money.  We're totally 100% behind the Android version, but it is just more work.

I've been secretly selling the Android Support Contract for months now and it's going well.  Get yours while the offer lasts!  [It'll last a long time.]