Sunday, December 7, 2014

AvidGeo Dec 8th

I'm presenting at the AvidGeo conference in Cambridge on Monday.  I've put together a talk on getting started with geospatial development on mobile.

This is part of the LocationTech east coast tour, which will have me in New York on Tuesday and Washington, DC on Thursday.  Then back to New York on Friday, for a CartoDB conference, but that's entirely my own fault.

If you can make it, AvidGeo looks interesting.  I hope to convince a few geospatial developers that mobile isn't as scary as it seems.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WhirlyGlobe-Maply Support Contract

Have you ever wanted to pay us more money?  Of course you have!  Well now you can.

We're introducing the WhirlyGlobe-Maply support contract.  All the cool open source projects are doing it and we're nothing if not cool.


The Price

Priced at $600 (USD) per year, the new support contract is a steal.  If by "steal" we mean paying us some money.  And we do.  So it's a steal.

What, you may ask, do you get for your cash?  We'll be glad to tell you.

The Details

First, you get your email answered.... first.  Sometimes we get busy with client work.  Now we'll be getting busy with your work too.

Next, you'll get 4 hours of debugging time on your project.  That would normally cost you... more.  So that's pretty cool.  And yes, we do keep track.

Then you get access to one or two live video tutorials per year.   We'll fire up a Google Hangout and anyone who's paid up can join in.

Lastly, you get some input into next year's features.  We may put it to a vote.  We'll see.


Because it will make mousebird consulting rich!  Okay, not really.  But there have been a number of situations where it would have been nice.

As consultants, we've got this giant Master Services Agreement.  It's big, it's gnarly, it covers every clause imaginable.  It's for doing battle with giant corporations, who I work with regularly.  Hi guys!

We get inquiries from smaller companies who just want some bug fixes or a little help on their project.  A support contract, shorter and simpler, is perfect for that.

What About Users?

I'll still be looking at regular support issues on github and you can always send me email.  That's not going to change.  These customers just get first crack.