Friday, May 13, 2016

Integration with Micello Indoor Maps

A few months ago we were approached by Micello about displaying their indoor maps in WhirlyGlobe-Maply.  They provide indoor maps to a ton of interesting companies.

Taste the Capitalism!

Seemed like an excellent idea so we went ahead and whipped up a tutorial and demo.

Micello Tutorial

Micello was kind enough to provide a few examples.  We chose the Westfield Valley Fair mall near Cupertino.  I used to live there and have a certain fondness for it.  There was also a recent story about the minimum wage change that cut right through the mall which we incorporated into the display.

If you've got a Micello account feel free to work through the tutorial and let us know if you have nay questions.

On To the Future!

Ranen put together a rather nice example app, which is what you build in the tutorial.  It shows off some fairly clever display with styles, selection and a few other things.  But we could do more for optimization, label layout, and general display flexibility.

Our example was built on the globe, but you could as easily put it on a regular map.  Doing something special for pure indoor map display is also an interesting idea, though this seems to work well enough.

WhirlyGlobe-Maply is an open source toolkit, so you can take the code and run with it.  Feel free!  But we do consulting if you've got a budget and some requirements.