Saturday, May 30, 2015

State -o- The Business and Conferences Galore

I run a little consulting company called mousebird consulting inc. [yep, all lowercase]  We do development on and around the WhirlyGlobe-Maply toolkit.  This pushes new features in the toolkit and, ya know, pays the bills.

[Put gratuitous graphics here]

The toolkit brings in leads, I pursue them, clients sign contracts and invoices are paid.  It's a pleasant arrangement when it's chugging along.

So How's Business?

It's chugging along.  I logged my best month ever in January.  Then I did it again in February and April.  That was a ton of WhirlyGlobe-Maply work, some neat apps, and lots of great new features in 2.4.

The down side is my backlog.  I haven't had much time to track down problems for users who aren't clients, write new documentation, or make the Android version easier to install.

If you need some of my attention, the best way is a support contract.  I have a few of those now and I like how they're playing out.


Another downside of so much paying work is a dearth of presentations.  Good ones require time to write and I have no time.

Even so, I'll be on a panel for State Of The Map 2015 in New York next week.  I'll also be at WWDC in San Francisco the next week.  If you want to get together at either, drop me a line.