Monday, February 4, 2019

WhirlyGlobe-Maply 3.0 Status Report

The 3.0 effort's been going all month.  So how are things?

Things are boring.  Boring, but good.

Collateralized Technical Debt Obligations

The Android port of the toolkit was supposed to share C++ code with the iOS version.  It never really did.  This is the fundamental problem between iOS and Android.  It hurts the Android version and it's holding back other ports.

On Android we have a hard line between Java and C++ (JNI).  When I ported things the first time, I made a copy for Android and then hacked as needed.  Naturally, the versions diverged between platforms.

I've merged the C++ cores back together and introduced that hard line between Obj-C and C++ on iOS.  This should let me fix bugs for both platforms at the same time.  I'm excited.  In a boring way.

The Port No One Wants

All of this gives me an iOS version based on a solid C++ core.  No new functionality, not going to be faster or slower.  And it's going to have bugs for a while.

Which is to say, it's not a port anyone's excited about, but it's vital.  Once that's done, I get back to the good stuff.

Good Stuff Part I

Android's behind on new functionality.  The whole Sample/Loader approach, which is working so well in 2.6, is only on iOS.  Before I port it, I need to clean up some old things (QuadPagingLayer), remove stuff I've replaced (QuadImagesLayer) and make sure those deprecations can be supported.

That's more fun than it sounds, I swear.  The QuadPagingLayer is used for loading all sorts of data objects and its replacement, based on the new Sampler/Loader, will fix a host of problems.

On the more exciting front, there's elevation support.  It's always been a mess on iOS and never worked on Android.  It'll be fun to fix that definitively.

Other good stuff will follow, including but not limited to, Metal for iOS.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Saildrone Forecast

Is there anything cooler than shipping an app you've spent a year and a half working on?
It was a rhetorical question.  There is not.

Saildrone Forecast

Hint: It's a weather app.

Saildrone Forecast

Yup, Saildrone Forecast is a weather app.  Just watch the video.

Go download it.  I'll wait.

Technical Bits

There's a ton of stuff in Saildrone Forecast that's unique.  But there are a couple bits of interest in WhirlyGlobe-Maply itself, like the new sampler/loader architecture and offscreen render targets.  Go watch the video.

Could you make your own weather app out of the box now?  Ha ha.  Oh god no.  There's so much other stuff to do.  Not to mention the data.  But there are cool things to do with the vector maps and render targets.


I didn't do this all alone.  Heck, I didn't even write the whole app. 

Credit goes to Logical Animal for the rest of the UI.  Big thanks to the meteorology/modeling team at Saildrone for the data and putting up with stupid questions.  Thanks to the platform developers and ops for processing data and keeping it running.  And, of course, management and finance upon whom I can bestow the greatest contracting honor:  They always pay early.