Wednesday, November 5, 2014

eLLaWalk - Maply Android App

I'm excited to announce the very first shipping Android app using the Maply toolkit.

eLLa Walk App

The eLLa Walk app for Android (did I mention Android?) is a promotional tie-in with the eLLa fragrance from Victorinox.

The app is tied to their web site where users assemble their Instagram photos into short hikes.   They can share the hikes, search for interesting ones and generally do social networking stuff.

The development agency was coANDco in the UK and they were a delight to work with (translation: paid on time).  I did the map.  That's what I do.  Maps.

Custom Map

They're using a custom map for their app (and the site).  Built with Mapbox tools, it's a great example of branding your map tiles.

The map functionality they otherwise needed was fairly basic.  There were screen markers for the pictures, remote tile paging, some specialized caching and a full range of finger gestures.

This being Maply it's threaded to the gills.  Even if we're only adding 20 markers, we're not going to slow the main thread or the rendering thread.  Otherwise, fairly normal stuff.

Maply For Android

As I mentioned in a recent post, Maply for Android is in Beta.  The official beta #1 is out and now there's a real shipping app on the Google Play store.

Next up, some cleanup, some documentation and more Android app projects.

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