Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knight News Challenge - Mobile

If you're not aware of the interesting things the Knight Foundation has done trying to make news more accessible, it's worth a look.

They've funded a bunch of interesting projects in the last few years.  This upcoming challenge is focused on mobile and they've got a penchant for open source.

I'm going to submit something myself for WhirlyGlobe and its upcoming 2D map sibling.  It'll be some deep infrastructure-y thing, probably focused on making large data sets easier to use in visualization.  So that's not why I mention this.

Looking For Partners

If you would like to use WhirlyGlobe in your own proposal (or even its 2D map sibling) let me know.  I'm happy to accept subcontracts related to the contest.  I'll even knock my rate down a bit in the spirit of general whatever.

As for the specifics, keep in mind that WhirlyGlobe is a native iOS toolkit.  It's open source, governed under the Apache 2.0 license.  My toolkit is in it's second major version, can be found in a bunch of shipping apps and just generally already works.

If you're not familiar with WhirlyGlobe, look at this video for the WhirlyGlobe Component release.

What I Can Do For You

Your idea might require additional functionality.  I can add that to WhirlyGlobe.
You might want to do a pretty 2D map that looks a lot like WhirlyGlobe.  I've already got that under development.  I can commit to delivery.
You might need help implementing the tricky 3D bits.  I can do that.

If you've got a great idea brewing on the iPad or iPhone that might win some of that development money, drop me a line and let's see what we can do.

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