Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WhirlyGlobe Component - Version 1.01

I've pushed a minor update to the Component and uploaded a corresponding binary distribution.

The update contains a few fairly minor fixes.  First, the big one.

There's, like, snow up there and stuff.
For Spherical Mercator based tile sets, you can turn on pole coverage and have it make up some polygons for the poles.  It picks the texture coordinate right in the middle, so whatever color you have there is the color you get.

The results depend a lot on what the images are doing.  It works well for some, not as well for others. But at least it's covered.

A user noticed that my extents for the web mercator projection were wrong.  That's now fixed and vector data will now correctly overlay.  I was wondering about that, but I hadn't gotten around to looking at it.  Let's hear it for users.

The component is now compiled for armv7s as well.  And, yay, the distribution got much bigger.

That's all in the master branch.  There's a lot of interesting stuff going on in the develop branch, which I'll post about soon.

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