Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New App: Tremor Tracker

This one's been out for a while.  I haven't posted about it because my blogging habits are, at best, random.

So here it is, Tremor Tracker, an app by Andrew Hoyer.

I'm pretty much always going to tap on the red one.

I like that Andrew is not me and has produced an app.  It shows that people who are not me can make these things.  And that's good for my business.


The app itself is clean and simple. It shows events in the last hour, day, week, or month.  Magnitudes are sorted by color and size, which helps them stand out as groups.  To see more about an event, you just tap on it and read the text.

That's about it.  A clean, consistent display of data well adapted to the globe format.

API vs. Component

Andrew had actually implemented an earlier version of Tremor Tracker with the raw WhirlyGlobe API, presumably 1.2.  In the latest version he moved to the WhirlyGlobe Component (2.0), which I gather was much easier to use.

He's using newer Component functionality in there too.  The popups use view trackers to tie the UIView to a geo coordinate.

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