Friday, March 21, 2014

WhirlyViz 1.2 - Update

The latest WhirlyViz is on the app store.  It's a bit faster, more reliable and has better navigation, particularly for the phone.  But most importantly, there's new functionality.

San Francisco is very brown today
If you're just tuning in, WhirlyViz is a geospatial display app for iOS which I've discussed before.  It's based on client projects and a few of my own.  One of those was.....


The TransitVis app was an experiment and an entry for a hackathon.  It was a great way to work through some data viz issues without a client breathing down my neck.  We can now duplicate the TransitVis app with a configuration file.

Like many of the other examples, I'm using CartoDB on the back end.  When the user changes parameters or taps on a data value it's sending off a SQL query.

The 14 isn't transit, it's dinner and a show.

Election Map

Everyone needs an election map!  With the 2014 midterms coming up, I'd love to see some WhirlyViz based election maps in prominent apps.  And if not, there's always 2016...

The only time Ross Perot is described as "pretty".

I put this one together from county census voting data from 1980 to 2008 and used the Purple America algorithm to get some nice blended colors.  The 1992 election is interesting since there was a third party candidate and you get some green.

Next for WhirlyViz

Demos, demos, demos.  More demos is the main thing.  I'm lining up a few with collaborators rather than writing any more of my own.

I've also been experimenting with Javascript in the configuration files.  I like it!  There will be more of that.