Monday, September 26, 2011

WhirlyGlobe 1.1

Version 1.1 was released around August 27th.  I'm still catching up, obviously.

Mainly, this was a bug fix release.  There was a bit of new functionality like so:

  • Support for label selection.  Not actual label selection, mind you, just support for getting size and location info projected in to 2D.
  • Added pre, post frame and lighting callbacks.  You can now override how WhirlyGlobe does the lighting, if you so desire.
  • WhirlyGraph was integrated in to the Contributed tree.  That's one of the prettier demos.
There was a bit of stuff under the hood not worth discussing.

Framework & Starter Pack

The most useful pieces were these.  I hacked together a framework building shell script from a useful blog post and started distributing a framework.  Now you can just drag and drop WhirlyGlobe into your project.

Of course you still need all the dependencies and that was causing people problems.  To that end I put together a distribution with all the various dependencies.  You can get the download off the WhirlyGlobe project page.

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