Friday, May 11, 2012

WhirlyGlobe 2.0 on github

It's not released yet, but I've made it public.  Don't make me regret it.

WhirlyGlobe 2.0 has a lot of neat stuff in it, but it's still very much in development.  I do have clients already using it and the damn thing is open source so it might as well be public.

For now, please use WhirlyGlobe 1.2 unless:

  • You've talked to me and you have some demonstrated need
  • You're paying me money to implement features for you in 2.0.
  • You're willing to use it silently and not bug me.

I'd say 2.0 is now past that tipping point where it's more a "thing" than an "idea" so it might as well be out there.  But again, not for general use.

Mapping Engines

I hint at this in the README and you can see it clearly in the code so I might as well just come out and say it.  I'm branching out from the 3D globe.  Turns out much of what I built is usable as a 2D (ish) map display engine.  Almost as if I planned it that way!

It'll be a 2D(ish) map display toolkit based on a 3D rendering engine.  I'm going for fast and sexy, a small niche for sure, but a much bigger one than WhirlyGlobe.

And no, please don't try to use what's in the WhirlyGlobe 2.0 tree for this.  It's not ready.


First comes WhirlyGlobe 2.0.  Expect that in early summer when some of the new features settle down.  I'm hoping to slip a couple of big changes in there first, but we'll see.

Then comes the rebranding and the release of the mapping toolkit.  WhirlyGlobe will remain, but under the umbrella of the new library with a new release number and so forth.  Yeah, that's a little confusing.  Expect that late summer.


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  2. Nice work with this api! Is it possible to initialize the globe at certain position ? I tried to find a function call to do such thing but with not success. Best regards

  3. Here's an example:
    [theView setRotQuat:[theView makeRotationToGeoCoord:GeoCoord::CoordFromDegrees( -121, 37) keepNorthUp:YES]];

  4. Thank you. I managed to find an equivalent Cpp-style solution but not so elegant as yours. I'm still entering the realms of Objective-C. Thank you for your fast reply.