Monday, December 10, 2012

WhirlyGlobe/CartoDB demo and AppNation IV

José Navarro put together this neat little demo a few months ago.  It uses WhirlyGlobe and CartoDB, which is something I'd like to see more of.  Seems like a natural combination.

He talks about it a little on his blog.  Looks like he was using the raw API since it was pre-Component... which is impressive.  Now some of that would be a bit easier.

Anyway, neat little example and it's fun to see people using WhirlyGlobe.  Especially people who don't make me sign an NDA and swear never to reveal our work together.  [cough]


I'm going to be at APPNATION this week.  Yes, apparently it is all caps.  It's the PREMIER app conference that's within walking distance of my house and happened to give me free exhibit space to hock my wares.  So hocking I shall be.

My clients are usually the big firms that make apps for even bigger firms.  This seems like the sort of thing they might send their project managers to.  So I'm stalking users, basically.


  1. Thanks for the mention. Using your raw codebase was pretty tough but I refreshed a lot of buried things of C++, templating, boost... and learned a lot of Objective-C++ (so freaky lang!!)
    When I saw you were releasing your component, I said... why?? why not few weeks earlier??

    Thanks for your work and for open sourcing it. It's quite impressive!!


  2. That was the general impression I'd gotten from the first set of users. It did bring in some interesting clients, so that was as plus. Overall, the Component has been a big improvement, though.