Saturday, June 8, 2013

State Of The Map - San Francisco 2013

I'm giving a talk this year's at State Of The Map (US) in San Francisco.  This is unrelated to the fact that I live in San Francisco, but convenient nonetheless.

The Talk

It's all about vector display on iOS devices using OpenStreetMap data.  Scintillating.

The green is marijuana cultivation.
You can go grab the slides there.

The talk is based on my toolkit, WhirlyGlobe-Maply, unsurprisingly, and an app I built for fetching vector tiles from the US OpenStreetMap server and displaying them.

The App

The app, called osmmobilevectors, is on github and you can clone the repository, build it and put it on your own device.  I mean, you're set up to do that, right?  Of course you are.

Lots of interesting little bits and pieces went into the WhirlyGlobe-Maply toolkit to make this happen.  I'll break it down for all three of my loyal readers next week.


  1. Im trying to get the osmmobilevectors app running and im facing a slight problem. After cloning the repo and the submodule i tried to run it and i noticed a couple of things that dint allow me to run it!

    -> AFNetworking was not included. I had to include it myself.
    -> A bunch of .c files are missing from the 'proj4' folder in the WhirlyGlobeLib.xcodeproj. This doesn't allow me to build the project!

    Im ot sure if i im missing something here to build the project. Either way, some help would be appreciated!

  2. You need to go down into the libs/WhirlyGlobe-Maply directory and do a "git submodule init" and "git submodule update".

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  3. Thanks! That helped!

    Although, now i get an error saying libjson.h is not found! Do i need to add the JSON libraries myself?

    1. Sorry for the delay, busy day yesterday.

      I had some difficulty adding the json library, but I've confirmed it's showing up on another project.
      Try doing a git pull in the WhirlyGlobe-Maply directory and then doing another git submodule update and git submodule init.