Thursday, April 4, 2013

TransitVis - How to Load Data

This post is about loading data into TransitVis.  I cover this in the announcement post for TransitVis, but it can't hurt to be even more explicit.  Plus I need something to link to from the app.

What does it mean?  Dunno.  Pretty!

How to Get Some Data

Once you've got the app, you'll need to load some data.  We processed all three of the data sets for use.  A data set consists of two geojson files and a sqlite database for each data set.  Be sure to download all three files and then upload them to the app via iTunes.

Getting Data Into TransitVis

Getting data into an app once you've installed is actually pretty easy.  Install the app first and then follow Apple's instructions for file sharing via iTunes.  Look for the app "TransitVis" in that window.

Here's what that looks like on my MacBook Pro.  Bring up iTunes.

Next page is all Hello Kitty apps

Select your iPad, like mine in the upper right there.  That should look like so.

That's right, rename your iPad 'mousebird'. [Don't do that]

Select the Apps tab up there along the top.  Then you should see something like this.

Only you're not trying to hide the name of client apps.

Select TransitVis and upload those files.

If you already ran the app, you'll need to kill it and rerun it as TransitVis looks for its data files on startup.  It should load the first data set it finds and make the others available for selection.

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