Thursday, April 10, 2014

WhirlyViz: GeoTrellis Transit

With WhirlyViz 1.3 we have a lot more flexibility in how we talk to back end services.  I'm having a blast wiring up all sorts of interesting geospatial engines.  Today's is the GeoTrellis Transit API from Azavea.

You can outrun the zombie outbreak on a bike.

GeoTrellis Transit

You should go check out their web page, but I’ll give you the quick version.  GeoTrellis Transit provides an API for answering questions about a travelshed.  You can use it to figure out how far a commuter could get using standard modes of transportation from point A to a variety of points’ B.

Can't beat rail for getting around.

Presumably you’d use this for urban planning, decision making and such.  Seems useful and it's fun to play with in a wonky sort of way.

WhirlyViz Demo

The GeoTrellis example is right up top in WhirlyViz 1.3.  Feel free to install that and give it a go.  Tap and hold to move the travelshed’s center.

Like all the of the newer examples, the WhirlyViz configuration is controlled by Javascript.  It was fairly simple to talk to the WMS server they provide, even not explicitly using the WMS functionality in WhirlyGlobe-Maply.  Constructing the rest of the parameter string was a cinch.

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