Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dark Sky for Android

They launched a few weeks ago, but we haven't talked about it yet (here).  Dark Sky for Android!

That's some weather.

Man, that was a lot of work.

Weather Apps Are Popular Apps

The service, the UI, the data, notifications, and the globe are the big pieces of Dark Sky.  We make the globe.

Dark Sky is really popular and has a particularly loyal following.  In just about any group I meet, there's a good percentage who use it regularly.  I'm not reticent about using that fact.

So Much Android So Little Time

The Android port took a while on my end.  I could have done a hacky version, but that wouldn't work for everyone else.  No, we had to port the toolkit in a way Android developers would find friendly.

Totally not a screenshot from Keynote.

The C++ core, which does the rendering and manages the low level objects is (will be) the same on iOS and Android.  But everything above that level had to be new.

Developers expect their toolkits to be familiar on the local platforms.  That means Swift interfaces and dispatch queues for iOS, Runnables and integer colors for Android.  And lots and lots of other things.  This takes time.

Back To Dark Sky

For Dark Sky Android we ported the parts they needed and filled out the underpinnings.  This was by far the biggest app yet released with WhirlyGlobe-Maply on Android.

That's some more weather.

Dark Sky launched on Android with a subscription model.  Apple totally thought of that first and recently announced a similar one.  I'd love to see that take off on both platforms.

In the mean time, go buy it!

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