Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Welcome to wetter.com!

I'm proud to welcome the German wetter.com iOS app to the WhirlyGlobe-Maply family.

The wetter.com app presents regional weather, including predictions, on a map.

Details, details, details

It's funny to celebrate a flat map when the toolkit does a globe.  But for a regional app, the globe doesn't make sense.  The flat map simplifies things for the user and lets us optimize the data transport.  All the good stuff we do on the globe works on the map.

The app itself shows current predictions, recent radar, and cloud cover.  As well as some other cool non-map related stuff like weather cams.

Are those labels on top of the weather?  Oh my!

Mobile hardware is really good these days.  Since we're no longer planning for the iPad2 we can do some really great OpenGL ES shader work.  If you zoom in close, you'll see some great spatial and temporal interpolation.

The Inevitable Marketing Push

There are a lot of regional weather apps for iOS and Android.  Not so much in the United States where almost all the data comes from NOAA.

In the rest of the world weather data tends to be less free and more complicated.  Add to that language and local preference and you get a lot of interesting, distinct regional weather apps.  If you make one of those and want to upgrade your graphics, let's talk!

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