Friday, June 5, 2015

mousebird consulting Needs YOU!

I'm hiring.  If I can find the right person.

It's not relevant, I just like this image.

What We Do

You can read the web site yourself, but here's the tl;dr.  

We do high performance geospatial display for mobile devices.  Our customers include National GeographicForecast.IO and many others.  Our code burns millions of battery hours on millions of devices all over the world.

At any given time we're working on apps in weather, aerospace, education, and mapping.  And lately, all of them.  At once.

What It Is

I need another software developer, primarily.  These are the areas we work in.
  • OpenGL (ES or not)
  • iOS Development, Objective-C
  • Android Development, Java
  • User Interface development
  • C++
  • Geospatial data processing: GDAL, OGR, Proj.4
  • Data processing on Amazon ec2

If you have experience in any three of those, that would be interesting.  If you have experience in all of them... you're probably too expensive, but let's talk.

Where It's At

I'm in San Francisco.  If you are too, you can share the office.  Yes, an actual office with a door and everything.

If you're remote, that's fine.  Our clients are scattered around the world and don't visit much (sniff).  You have to be in the US, though.  I barely understand my own country's employment laws as it is.

What Is Next

Send me a resume, or your github profile, of Snapchat some code or something.  Just let me know if you're interested and we'll figure it out.

I'm open to part time, just returning to the work force, that sort of thing.  The mobile development market is red hot right now and I'm willing to be flexible.

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