Thursday, April 10, 2014

WhirlyViz: MapLarge Precipitation

I was turned on to MapLarge by a new client and I have to say I like what they do.  
Full disclosure:  I like what most people do.

More blue, more rain.


MapLarge makes a GIS platform to support those web maps all the cool kids are doing.  You feed in a bunch of data, make some queries and it gives you back tiled images.

The blue is food coloring.  2011 was a strange time.

There are a few services that do this sort of thing, I believe.  What I’ve noticed with theirs is that it’s wicked fast.  Not a bad way to distinguish yourself.

WhirlyViz Example

With the new WhirlyViz 1.3 I’ve got Javascript under the hood running things.  This makes it really easy to hook up services like MapLarge.  Their tile service is a tad different from anything else I’ve encountered, but it’s not a problem with custom scripting.

The demo is hooked up to their precipitation database.  You can query average precipitation organized by state, zip code, or county.  At the map level you can see the general trends, and tap to get a specific data value.

The precipitation demo is in the latest WhirlyViz, so scroll on down and take a look.

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