Monday, April 7, 2014

Maply Vector Maps: Networking

I've been working on tiled vector maps for quite some time.  When we last checked in, I'd described how offline vector maps work in the new toolkit.

If this were Colorado, that would be a pot dispensary.
Well now they work over the network.

Vector Map Demo

The latest WhirlyViz supports vector maps... because of course it does.  Just install that, and select the the Sao Paulo, Brazil example.

And you're off!  That's a small sample of a larger Brazilian database I use for testing.  You can see the whole thing at State Of the Map this weekend if you're so inclined.


This update is already checked in to the develop branch on github.  To add your own tiled vector map, all you have to do is something like this.

Adding a remote vector tile db is a multi-stage process.  Rather than making you do that, you just pass in a block to wire up the vector tiles object once it's safely created.  Trust me, it's better this way.

Next Up

I thought this was the big vector map announcement.  Turns out I was wrong.  More on that soon.  I also have a few other announcements in the queue before SOTM-US this weekend.

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