Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MapBox Vector Tiles

I am delighted to announce support for MapBox Vector Tiles.

Vectors, vectors everywhere!

Maply 2.3 supports MapBox Vector Tiles natively.  You'll see this in the develop branch in the next couple of weeks.

Gaia GPS 9.0

The folks who make Gaia GPS have been busily switching to Maply for their display.  It's great to have them test out the map focused features and they've been steadily contributing back.


And how they've been contributing!  Jesse Crocker put the MapBox Vector support together crazy fast.  It shares a bit of DNA with the Maply Vector Tile loader, but it's definitely it's own thing.

So can you use it?  Sure, but there are details...

MapBox Pricing

We seem to have outrun MapBox's pricing scheme on this one.  The Gaia GPS folks are in contact with MapBox so it's all copacetic, but before the app goes into production they'll be having discussions.

What that means to you, my users, is that you too need to sort it out with MapBox before you ship.  Don't be that guy.  No one likes that guy.

Odds & Ends

There's plenty more work to do here.  Jesse put together the styles Gaia GPS cares about, not the ones you care about.  That topo style is awesome, but it's not ideal for driving or walking in a city or whatever your app may do.

This one is just gratuitous

If only there were some way to get us to... oh wait!  We're contractors!  That's right, you can pay us to add Maply features or even write your app.

Jesse and I will be at State Of The Map in DC this weekend.  Drop on by the Maply table and we'll be happy to show this off.

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